Secure Education Technologies (S.E.T.)

Allowing first responders and on-site security to identify a threat
or emergency by giving all parties location, identity, and communication
data in real time keeping students and faculty safe.

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About Us

S.E.T. is the foremost leader in complete security for Educational Services providing Adaptive Protocols and Dynamic Responses to Behavioral and Health crisis situations. Through our proprietary
NIST compliant technology we integrate all aspects of security under one interface, giving you the ability to coordinate between School Administration and First Responders to provide the best protection to your students and staff.


SET seamlessly integrates with your schools current infrastructure and equipment

SET software and UI (User Interface) integrates directly with Access points throughout the school ensuring full connectivity and use of mapping and alert tools for Administrators and First responders alike.

Technologies and equipment such as cameras can be integrated with our tools to add an extra layer of security, giving more visibility into the movement and activities of students and faculty.


our solutions works together to provide threat prevention, detection, and exponentially increase crisis response time

SETs Mapping Technology shows real-time location data of all individuals for external and internal security cutting down emergency response time by up to 80%. As well as accurate attendance reporting, and mental and physicl health monitoring.

Built directly for a school’s specific needs, a time, location, or individual based alerts are served instantly to administration or SRO team to notify them of any health or safety concerns with no user action required.

With a press of a button through our application on a teacher’s device they can instantly notify administrators, nurses, and even first responders of the location and severity of a behavioral or health emergency. Ensuring a fast response through accurate faculty wide information.